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Sol-gel Processing of BaTiO3 for Electro-Optic Waveguide Devices
  The effects of processing parameters on the optical properties of barium titanate thin films were studied. Barium titanate is a good candidate for electro-optic devices such as a Mach-Zehnder waveguide modulator due to its high electro-optic coefficient. Thin films prepared by sol-gel deposition were optically characterized using a prism coupler. The sol was prepared with a large polymeric additive in an attempt to attain thicker sintered films. The waveguide loss of the film was shown to increase sharply at the onset of organic bum-off of this additive. It is postulated that an optically active `microstructure' results from this burn-off that causes high loss due to light scattering. This domain-based structure also appears to template the growth of nanosized grains during the final sintering of the film.  
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    Sol-gel Processing of BaTiO3 for Electro-Optic Waveguide Devices, D. Bowman, S. Bhandarkar, G. Kowach, Ceramic Transactions, 2005, 163.