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Growth of Single Crystals of ZrW2O8
  The compound, ZrW[2]O[8], exhibits an unusual negative coefficient of thermal expansion of approximately - 10 ppm/°C over ambient temperatures. The incongruent decomposition point and narrow thermal stability limits of ZrW[2]O[8] from 1105 to 1257°C severely restrict crystal growth conditions. However, single crystals of ZrW[2]O[8] having masses on the order of a gram were grown by an unusual layered self-flux technique. Crystals were characterized by X-ray diffraction, inductively coupled plasma emission spectroscopy, dilatometry, and etching behavior. Details of the crystal growth technique and possible growth mechanisms are discussed.  
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  Growth of Single Crystals of ZrW2O8G. R. Kowach, J. Cryst. Growth 2000, 212, 167.