Directions to Kowach Lab

Once you arrive in Manhattan (Penn Station), please take the subway, the express (2 or 3) train north to 96th St.  Walk to the other side of the platform to catch the local (1) train north.  Get off the subway at 137th St. (City College), proceed north through the small corner park to 138th St.  Walk east up the hill and across Amsterdam Ave. and then through the gated entrance to City College.  Walk down the hill to the center of campus, and you will see a large black building to your right across Convent Ave.  It's the Marshak Science Building (denoted MR or J on campus maps).  The guard inside will ask to see an ID.  Walk down the hallway and up the small flight of stairs, turn right (the library is on the left) and the elevators are halfway down the corridor.  Take an elevator up to the 11th floor, and my lab is in room MR1103 (J1103).

Prof. Glen R. Kowach
The City College of New York
Department of Chemistry
160 Convent Avenue
New York, NY 10031
Tel: (212) 650-6039 | Fax: (212) 650-6039