Baskerville Chemical Society
Our Vision for the BCS
  1. A union.  I mostly use this term to be dramatic. But in essence, there are shortcomings in the department from time to time. We can make a lot of information available to the undergraduate community that is not always easy to come by. Lastly, if we demand change as a group, it’s more likely to be heard and adopted!
  2. A mentoring service. Upperclassmen simply have more know-how.
  3. A networker's dream. Our E-Board is graced by a future doctor, pharmacist, nurse, professor, and so forth. Between us, the professors we wish to invite to speak, and the older members, we will more or less have every "future in chemistry" covered for the sake of guidance and advice.
  1. The largest study group on campus. This is not exclusive to chemistry.
  2. A CLUB! We have a very nicely-sized office. Furniture (couch and chair) is in the works. We can convince people to hang out there during lunch instead of eating in their labs. At the very least, it's one more computer and printer for those emergency situations.